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Thermo-Peutic for Total Body Therapy

CIGNET state of the art technology feature:

CIGNET Elevator Mechanism for Acupressure (multiple patents Pending) To meet individual therapeutic needs. Thermo-Peutic is designed to customize the intensity of the pressure applied to specific body points along the vertebrae by allowing for control  of the up- and –down movements of the jade  massage  balls at desired points. This contrasts to the conventional  massage bed, in which the massage balls follow a fixed path, requiring an individual to adjust the body to align Specific body points with the balls. Unlimited  Number of Massage Patterns (multiple patents pending) Thermo-Peutic generates unlimited variation in massage patterns by adjusting the
Horizontal and vertical movements of the jade massage ball with a user-friendly
Remote control. 

Experience Soothing Relaxation and  Relief from Chronic Body Ailments
Blending Cutting-Edge Technology and Traditional Eastern Medicine
Therapeutic Acupressure Using Infrared Heat  

Thermo-Peutic Incorporates traditional Chinese acupressure, in which      pressure is applied to specific body points, and Korean moxibustion, in        which herbal heat  energy is directed to those  points.  For maximum therapeutic benefit, jade massage balls that emit infrared heat are programmed to perform  acupressure along the neck, back, thighs, and calves. Natural Healing Without Medication or Surgery.

Using state-of -he-art technology, Thermo-Peutic adjusts both the vertical and horizontal  movements of the infrared-heat-emitting jade massage balls. The heat and acupressure applied to specific body points stimulate blood circulation and body cells for natural healing.

Total Body Therapeutic Massage
You will experience a powerful yet soothing total body massage. After a few sessions on Thermo-Peutic, you will feel the power of natural healing through muscle relaxation  and improved blood circulation. Chinese Acupressure and Korean moxibustion are known to help with: 

* Muscle relaxation                                     *Hormone production
* Blood circulation                                      *Spinal irregularities
* Metabolism                                              *Post menopausal symptoms
* Slowing of aging process                          *Autonomic nervous system
* Immune system functions                         *Cellular function

The following are the characteristics of Thermo-Peutic: Massage and thermal acupressure for upper and lower body; Unlimited variety of massage and acupressure patterns; Adjustable intensity of acupressure and far infrared-heat for all types of users, from beginners to frequent users; Ergonomic design; Easy-to-use remote control; Upper mattress that inclines to 22 degrees (optional feature); Detachable, washable cloth covers; and Wheels for easy mobility.

ABOUT CIGNET state-of-the-art technology features the Elevator Mechanism with which the intensity of the pressure applied to the acupuncture points by the jade massage balls can be customized to each individuals need (multiple patents pending). The Elevator Mechanism also generates an unlimited variation in massage patterns, allowing each individual to select the most suitable pattern on using Thermo-Peutic.

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