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Aloe & Botanical Herbs Lotion is specially formulated with pure Aloe Vera gel and Natural Botanical Herbs to penetrate and restore vital moisture and Elasticity.



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** What is AT-Glucan?
General Activity of AT-Glucan
Sunburn Cure
Skin Penetration
Wound Healing
Anti-Tumor Activity
Macrophage Stimulation
Anti-Biotic Activity
Skin Care Efficacy of AT-Glucan
Sunburn Recovery
Fibroblast Synthesis
Keratinocyte Synthesis
Collagen Synthesis
Skin Synthesis
Skin Whitening
Details About the Product

Aloe and AT-Glucan contains highly-enchriched solutions extracted undiluted from Schizophyllum Commune promycelium culture fluid.(Beta-Glucan)

5 General effects of Beta-Glucan
Tyrosinase Inhibition(whitening Effect) Beta-Glucan inhibits Tyrosinase Activity, thus it produces a whitening effect on the Skin.
Anti-Irritation Effect (Wrinkle Improvement) Beta-Glucan reduces skin irritation caused by retinol, AHA etc. Thus, it reduces wrinkle, increase skin elasticity.
Facilitating the creation of epidermal growth factor (Anti-Aging) Beta-Glucan promotes fibroblast activity, so helps to synthesize collagen and to facilitate intra cellular substrates. In addition, by stimulating the cuticle-producing cells to produce new skin.
Moisture retention properties After using it, the skin is not sticky but soft(Quick Absorption) Its moisture retention properties is more excellent than those of hyaluronic acid.
Enhancing Immune Function It is reported that Beta-Glucan stimulates the production of interleukin and interferon. These substances activate cells of the immune system to suppress the proliferation and the recurrence of cancer cells, and to activate the function of immune cells.
Tips on Aloe and AT-Glucan Lotion
Please use after face-washing or right before make -up.
You may not apply skin lotion or milk lotion additionally after Aloe&AT-Glucan
You can enjoy a synergy effect if you use nutrition essence,nutrition cream or eye cream you have used after Aloe &AT-Glucan.
** What is Aloe Vera?

Our skin, the largest organ of our body, plays a critical role in defending the body against dangers such as pollutants and other natural forces that would otherwise destroy vital organs and bodily functions. So it is critical that we protect this natural barrier and defense from harmful natural, and man-made substances.
Because aloe vera gel naturally moisturizes and soothes, as well as provides vital nutrients to our bones, organs, and skin (including all of the essential amino acids that the body cannot produce), it is useful both in the form of juices and products formulated specifically to care for your skin.
There is a full line of face care products that work naturally by providing essential moisturizers and vitamins to the skin. These complete skin care and personal care formulations can help counteract the environment’s harsh effects, and are certified with the International Aloe Science Council Seal of Approval.

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