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Aloe Vera is one of most remarkable health and beauty plants of the modern era. Aloe Vera is best known for treatment of burns, rashes, constipation, frost bite, stomach Ulcers and gum disease etc

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What is Aloe Vera ?

99.6% Indian and Super Aloe vera Gel and Juice.

Aloe VeraFor the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the Aloe Vera, the medicinal values of this wonderful herb have been known for centuries.

A 3500 years old document(Papyrus Ebers) at the Leipzig University describes Aloe and its values as a medicine.

Medicinal applications were made by Dioscorides 2000 years ago for healing wounds, insomnia, ulcers, hemorrhoids, itching skin, blemishes, mouth and gum disease, and the loss of hair.

The Chinese were recorded to have used Aloe between 772 and 842 AD on eczematous rashes and again between 960 and 1276 AD. It was used for the treatment of eczema.

The use of Aloe was noted by W. Turner in 1568 and by J.R. Coxe in 1818 for the use of healing wounds. These are described in the publications of Herbal and The Dispensatory of the United States of America respectively.

Jamaican are said to relive head aches with Aloe.
Spanish missionaries frequently carried it with them upon visiting the sick.
Seminole Indians applied Aloe to incisions after surgery.
Mexican Indians used it for all sorts of stomach and intestinal disorders, longevity, bladder and kidney infections and also for prostalitis.
The prevention of scars from wounds and the improvement of the scalp and growth of hair have been the reason for the use of Aloe In Java.
Survivors of the A-Bomb blast in Japan tell of the use of Aloe to treat radiation burns.
Our products is made from pure Aloe Vera Gel extracted from nature’s miracle healing plant.

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